Stepping on a Lego
Polansky Gallery / PRAGUE (Czech Republic)
08.11.2018 – 22.12.2018

The engineer has stepped out for a moment. I can’t say when he’ll return. When he leaves his space, he is uneasy. He never wanders very far. The engineer doesn’t like to leave, because of the unpleasant influx of information entering his eyes and ears and brain once he does. But he must go out sometimes, if only for some air. Overheard conversations, music blasting from cars, signage screaming out various intentions. Other people’s voices permeate through him, they muddle his thoughts and merge with them, making it impossible to know which ideas are his own, and which are implanted. Imposter ideas, clichéd phrases from the outside world.

They enter his dreams!

“ Don’t lose your fire ”

“ We’re all in this together ”

Inventor. Recluse. Insomniac. Monster.

There are three reasons why stepping on a Lego is so painful. The first reason is because of the number of nerve endings we have in the soles of our feet, making them sensitive. Second, Legos have pointy corners. Third, Legos have no give and therefore transfer all of your weight and force back onto you once you’ve stepped on it. Wincing yet?

Curated by Christina Gigliotti

Courtesy of the artist and Polansky Gallery
Photocredit Jan Kolsky