Kevin Space / VIENNA (Austria)
09.09.2017 – 06.10.2017

Schemas designate both a category of knowledge and the process of obtaining information by means of organizing phenomena and experiences. Known in cognitive therapy (as worldviews, stereotypes, archetypes, and social roles revealing maladaptive patterns of perception, emotion, and behavior), and in computational science (as templates of similarities for algorithmic understanding and action), they arrange stimuli into signs and meaning.

FSTS Stack
A natal chart is a chart which predicts your future and personality according to the time and location of your birth. Sea captains used compasses pointing to the North Star to navigate the waters. A torture wheel and an electron compound share the same geometry.
The Confessional
I visited St. Gallen with A, B, L in 2016. At the time I was already thinking about negative bodies, boxy containments, and ways of breaking these spaces (perforating, slicing, burning).
When I was 72, Z was insane; she had psychotic breaks. There is a cut in my arm and it keeps bleeding when I sit. Anyway, one day, Z called the cops on us. They were confused. We had a big set of kitchen knives that inserted into a wooden holder, one day the knives disappeared. We found them eventually in a closet; she said she took them so we wouldn’t kill each other.

Courtesy of the artist and Kevin Space
Photocredit Georg Petermichl