Trafó Gallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
17.12.2016 – 27.01.2017

The thematic focus of the group exhibition of Trafó Gallery concentrates on new abstract tendencies; one of the potential big narratives of young contemporary Hungarian art. Abstraction, which has evolved theoretically and aesthetically for over hundred years, was an important central notion for many generations of Hungarian artists during the 20th century; the youngest generation has just started to experiment with it a few years ago. The special local feature of the new abstraction might be that the young generation, which is ambitiously trying to find it’s positions in the art world, uses references of the 1960s and 70s abstraction, which wasn’t that popular after the turn of the millennium.
It is important to note though, that the exhibition is not based on a homogenous notion of ab¬straction. There are many forms of visual and spatial abstraction present in the gallery, and the exhibition tries to create parallels and potential connection-points between them. There is analytic abstraction, conceptual ab-straction, technical abstraction and lyrical ab¬straction present in the works of the exhibitors who also tend to create hybrids out of these concepts. And it is utmost important, that all four artists share a common motivation in cre¬ating interferences, bugs, glitches in the acts of the perception of the viewers.

Curated by Aron Fenyvesi

Courtesy of the artists and Trafó Gallery