Or We Gonna Do It Together?
ENA Viewing Space / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
27.10.2018 – 08.12.2018

Or We Gonna Do It Together?
What we can do together?
Is it good if we do it together?
Can you do it without me?
Can it work without us?
Am I Gonna Do This Alone?
“Line by Line” series:
“There is a moment when certain words of your favorite song sound as if they were addressed to you only, fully describing a certain experience or situation in your life. After the song ends, those same words quickly lose the power and when repeated, taken out of context and the created musical experience, they just do not sound as convincing as in the given moment. By presenting the verses that are significant for me in the public space, they become sentences with no meaning to the observer. These words become a bunch of unnecessary information that, once again, create the space for new meanings to be found all over again.“
Saša Tkačenko

“Nostalgia certainly frames Saša Tkačenko’s art, coming out both as a theme and a method of creation. Having belonged to a dead nation with a particular sense for utopia, the artist, like many of Yugoslavia-born from his generation, lives with phantom experiences that accompany real-time events. The word nostalgia contains the word pain in its Greek origin, therefore it is bound to have a direct connotation. Its hidden power, however, operates behind this supposition, which is why Tkačenko’s work takes us by surprise as it renders nostalgic feelings as strangely inviting and affirmative.” Natalija Paunić

Curated by Peter Bencze

Courtesy of the artist and Everybody Needs Art, Budapest
Photocredit Aron Weber