What’s The Difference Between Me and You
E.A. Shared Space / TBILISI (Georgia)
24.02.2021 – 14.04.2021

E.A.S.S. is delighted to host one work by artist Maia Naveriani. What’s the difference between me and you derives its title from Naveriani’s graphic work of the same title, 2003. Stemming from today’s safety regulations, the work exists between the private and public realms and creates a dialogue between the two.
Seven neon words fill the seven windows of the gallery space and are looking out at a passerby. This question without a question mark too exists between a sentence and a question, between a text and an object, questioning existing binaries and inviting to the territory beyond any dichotomy.

Work has been created in collaboration with Propaganda Network.

All images copyright and courtesy of the artist and E.A. Shared Space