Study for Scaffold
Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art / VODNJAN (Croatia)
28.07.2017 – 15.09.2017

Study for Scaffold, a new exhibition by Matija Debeljuh, is a visual note for Scaffold - an upcoming film. Currently in the process of production a short experimental narrative film by Matija Debeljuh, Scaffold is based on the eponymus novel by Mirko Kovač, and motifs are used as a literary template for the artist, as form of visual translation. By exploring the dimension of time, the identity of the subject, the journey and the memories, the narrative of the film is formed as the place of encounters of complex layers of fiction, as a space of intense temporality, and a like aleph, as if at one point it summarizes and reflects the projections of the past, present and future. In this way, contemplating the ideas of time, memory and the past function as a structure of individual re-examination.
To expand and unfold the reference field of a film or video is the usual practice of Matija Debeljuh. The result is a fragmented work in which the artist presents and makes the visible the intent and atmosphere of the future work, opening the public display with insight into the research and the different phases of the working process.
The central part of the exhibition is structured around the elements of the constructional scaffolding pipes that define the space and shape both physical and symbolic construction that holds together and connects parts of the video installation that includes video footage that depicts the atmospheres of the work and is directed at the representation of space, interior and landscape. These are short videos structured as digressions, or sketches. They are framed by objects collected in the showcase table - notebooks, drawings, sketches or props, which Matija exhibits as his little "wunderkammer".
Curated by Branka Benčić

Courtesy of the artist Apoteka