Piktogram / WARSAW (Poland)
14.07.2017 – 09.09.2017

This year another edition of the event held only once a decade, Münster Skulptur Projekte, shall take place. There, the sculptures (or non-sculptures) are realized in specially selected public sites. The projects, some blatantly spectacular, others – on purpose – not spectacular at all, represent not only a formal materialization, critical analysis, and deconstruction of the idea of “sculpture” (and its overidentification), but also, by definition, relate to the idea of “monument”.
At the same time this summer, Piktogram gallery shall present a spontaneous and most probably one off show of works, which – if we apply our imagination – could become monuments, but do not have to, or do not want to. Even if they wanted and some could certainly aspire to it – so far nobody had treated them like monuments. Obviously, there will be some who will not even call them sculptures. However, most of them certainly are sculptures, while others are not, and some cannot even be called objects. What connects them is the potential – sometimes hopeless, or simply purposefully unfulfilled – of being something more serious, permanent, more sizable, concrete, stable, definite, shapely. Less “physical” and more “heroic”; something more monumental. And even though, for the time being, they are only what they are, it is just enough or sometimes even too much.
Curated by curated by Michał Woliński, assistant Agnieszka Tkaczyk

Courtesy of the artists and Piktogram
Photocredit Bartosz Górka