Sariev Contemporary Gallery / PLOVDIV (Bulgaria)
26.07.2018 – 27.08.2018

SUR(REAL)RENDER by Voin de Voin happens in time of personal reconciliation and asks questions about whether we have assumed our personal mission in life, are we on the right track,have we listened to the guiding voices and have we recognised the signs so far.

On the opening day Voin de Voin invites the audience to witness and participate in the making of his exhibition SUR(REAL)RENDER in the gallery space. For this aim the author will transform the white cube of SARIEV Contemporary’s gallery space into a black box, using its spatial parameters to transpose the technology of photography and the original analogue principle to create large format documentary images. In this case, he places the subject/object/body inside the box – not outside, as it is done when using a camera and capturing an image.

The “inner space” created is a space where the body embodies the void and connects to matter and memory in a non-linear thought and action.

In its intent, the performance of Voin de Voin puts his questions, hypotheses and determines the terminology that can be realized in its course. They are identified by the author:
What is universal memory, how does memory connect to events, time.
The being as a light source, leaving traces in the ethereal. In the invisible, parallel dimension when time and space are inseparable entity. Representations and images are born and all that finally aims to re-enter the universal swirl.
The possibility, the wish to create a “non-space” – the impossible task of physics – where no elements attract and connect and no matter or movement is present – it is the Materia Prima.

SUR(REAL)RENDER can be seen as the performative proposition that explores the range of the human presence – both on physical and mental plain. It captures the current state of mind of the collective/us.

Courtesy of the artist and Sariev Contemporary