Impossible Encounters
Apoteka / VODNJAN (Croatia)
19.12.2015 – 10.02.2016

The landscape in A Short Story, is representing a space where territory and destiny have been intertwined for centuries. In A Short Story, the narrator retells a string of events that took place in the recent past, and some premonitions about the future, which are mediated by way of oral narration. Here, the narration of the past is intermingled with indications of future events, as the form acquires an uncertain position on the narrator’s reliability, so that the unclear narratives are placed between the past and the future. The paradigm of oral narratives – oral history, oscillates on the edges between fiction and reality, documents, truth and falsehood, history and narrative. In Study for the Applause Ibro Hasanović remembers the anniversary of the infamous signing of the Dayton Accords re-enacts a scene from a Gérard Julien photograph showing three representatives of the conflicting parties along with their patrons, the presidents of the world´s superpowers who initiated the peace talks and assisted with the adoption of the agreement.
When we look at the vast collection of media images that constitute Black Chronicles we understand that we are actually looking at images whose purpose is pure propaganda: far from being neutral documents, they operate a telegenic staging of violence through standard codes.

Curated by Branka Bencic
Courtesy of the artist and Apoteka