aqb Project Space / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
19.07.2018 – 22.07.2018

“The movement of all life now places the human being before the alternatives of either this conquest or a disastrous retreat. The human being arrives at the threshold: there he must throw himself headlong into that which has no foundation and no head.”


-Is it funny or not?
-Its “not funny”, but you can have the feeling of “spooning in love and anger”.
-Tell me about “lobotomy”!
-It is a form of psychosurgery or a balloon with plastic plate on top.
-Great, but skip this! Yesterday, I’ve been with Mr. Lecter.
-Really?! What happened?
-Nothing. We have been staring at the “self-portait of the cannibal” for hours.
-After we had a shower and talking about “revelation” of G…
-What about “Tristan, Kewin, Joss”?
-They are “deranged” as usual.
-That’s a pity. So what will be with us without them?
-We will have fun as the “remains of resistance”. Come, take my hand!!
-I can’t, ”it’s not worth it”, but show me those “untitled” sculptures.

Curated by Peter Bencze

Courtesy of the artists and aqb Project Space
Photocredit Aron Weber