Ladies Only
Sariev Contemporary / PLOVDIV (Bulgaria)
08.06.2018 – 25.07.2018

SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv is pleased to present “Ladies Only”, third solo show of Lubri at the gallery. The exhibition “Ladies Only”, created for Sariev Contemporary, will present curatorial selection by Vassil Iliev of ten photographs taken by Lubri in New York, San Francisco, Ibiza, Sofia and Plovdiv throughout the last seven years. A catalogue of the same name will be published in the context of the exhibition.
Exhibition text by Vassil Iliev

Unsophisticated Beauty

Walking night and day with his small analog camera hanging on his belt, he might jump in front of you smiling bright and open hearted. Within a blink of an eye he will point and shoot you. He won‘t take your soul, he will simply capture your authentic beauty on film.
All started almost two decades ago when Lubri borrowed a camera from a friend to take pictures of his cat giving birth. Since then, his magic finger and true eye have been portraying the world with unconditional honesty.
Displayed in numerous exhibitions, Lubri remains foremost a portraitist who opens an unexpected door of perception of human nature – the genuine one.
Through his travels in the past seven years he made an extraordinary series of portraits. He captured the essence of female beauty by exposing the collusion of personalities. Space girl, voodoo witch, cabaret singer, or housewife – who they are and who they want to be become one within their true glamour. The distant boundaries of humans with common senses come closer together and this is the starting point of this project, which you are about to enjoy.
Ladies (ok and gentlemen), let us introduce you to “Ladies Only”.
Vassil Iliev, May 2018

Courtesy of the artist and Sariev Contemporary