Shape of The Moment
Artist’s studio - Art&Innovation Space Foundation / POZNAN (Poland)
29.06.2018 – 13.07.2018

The exhibition presents the latest animated film by Mateusz Sadowski titled Shape of The Moment and accompanying objects.
During the realization of three-dimensional stop motion animation, Sadowski experimented with film, sculptural and photographic practice. Shape of The Moment concentrates the complex experience of time and emotion, casts doubt on the habits of perception. Each perception is preceded by a process, carefully planned or quite random, reminiscent of the work of nature. The list of processes preceding the origin of record in the form of the last film by Sadowski is not clear at first glance. It doesn’t even require any explanations. However, over time, further layers of performances are exposed to us, offering insight into the nature of selected media and their modification. The action of time takes the form of one of many processes that determine our perception and the ways in which its object are presented to us.
The sculptures created from the processed objects used for animation were also included in the exhibition space, which is the artist’s studio.
Organised by the Art&Innovation Space Foundation

Courtesy of the artist