Seven Sisters
Kasia Michalski Gallery / WARSAW (Poland)
01.06.2017 – 27.07.2017

You walked in, laughing, tears welling confused, mingling in your throat.
How can you be so many women to so many people, oh you strange girl?
Sylvia Plath

How to forget this haunting image? It was on a rainy Monday last October. Dozens of thousands of Polish women, many dressed in black and brandishing dark umbrellas, took the streets of Poland’s major cities to protest a ferocious law criminalizing abortion and, ultimately, to defend their essential right to have control over their bodies.
Inspired by such an unprecedented women’s march, Seven Sisters brings together the work of six international female artists whose practices of installation, sculpture, photography, film and performance evoke and deconstruct - with distance, humor and a recurring sense of poetry - the omnipresence of the feminine body in the public realm, and the mystified notion of interior and intimate space.

Curated by Martha Kirszenbaum

Courtesy of the artists and Kasia Michalski Gallery