Smells like old menś spirit
Temnikova & Kasela Gallery / TALLINN (Estonia)
05.11.2015 – 09.01.2016

For his first solo show at the gallery, Toomik will present new paintings and a video. As the title suggests, the exhibition deals with ideas of ability, failure and perception of age. Using himself as a model, Toomik assumes various positions and inhabits different scenarios, continuing to explore the self as a site for reflection. Still imbued with a dose of characteristic self-irony verging on pathos, the new works possess a different tone to the artist’s recent output: extrovert performances are replaced with a more introverted process. The return to figurative painting is not incidental, yet - juxtaposed with the video - neither does it appear to be final. Presented here is the very process of painting through the issues at hand, and the activity itself does not escape the artist’s sarcastic humour.

Courtesy of the artist