32 sixty-nine / 32 gjashtëdhjetëenëntë
Bazament / TIRANA (Albania)
14.06.2018 – 06.07.2018

Bazament is pleased to present “32 Sixty-Nine”, a solo exhibition of the work of Irgin Sena.
For his new installation at Bazament, Sena has created a space of suspense, contemplation, and speculation through the interplay of visual and conceptual cues. Ideas of repositioning, omission, disruption, and delay permeate his works, pushing viewers into an acute state of attentiveness.
His works are composed of distinct elements that repeat, interrupt, and leak within and between pieces. A series of angularly shaped objects culminates in folded drawings and collages, each presenting a maze of shifting visual and conceptual associations where personal experience, current events, and the everyday coexist.
In addition to the suspense felt in the installation, the perception of time, the momentary, and the void after an (failed) event are essential elements of the space. Here, Sena creates a score, a track and a timeline for the work, as one would do in music. His work explores the process of selecting what to see from what we merely look at.

Courtesy of the artist and Bazament