Harmless Hiccup
LambdaLambdaLambda / PRISHTINA (Kosovo)
08.07.2017 – 02.09.2017

The first solo exhibition of the artist in Kosovo, Harmless Hiccup presents a series of recent paintings from Berlin-based, Swiss artist Charlotte Herzig.
Breaking free from the traditional accrochage, Herzig often devises immersive environments, where all the three planes of a space can be treated, from the floor, to the walls and the ceiling. Once ‘staged’ the paintings can exist in new dimensions, implicitly challenging the conventions of presenting and looking at painting. Working on what the artist describes as ‘abstract landscapes’, over the years Herzig has developed a formal vocabulary that is not strictly non-representational and that includes many motifs borrowed from sea- and landscapes. Shapes and colors are layered over long periods of time, resulting in complex compositions that express the artist’s emotional experience during the process.
This exhibition is set within the particular context of a road trip in the Balkans that Herzig and curator Elise Lammer did during the weeks preceding the opening. It also celebrates the 7th anniversary of their first informal collaboration when Herzig was working on The Left Kidney at the Flux Factory in Brooklyn.

Curated by Elise Lammer for SALTS

Courtesy of the artist and LambdaLambdaLambda
Photocredit Majlinda Hoxha