An Object of Concern
Swimming Pool / SOFIA (Bulgaria)
17.05.2018 - 24.06.2018

We all shine, and we long. And we will long. But it seems as though only in glamour we are returning to life. In glamour we even proclaim life. The golden surface is the aura of the inner good and prouder out. Is this knighthood in media time or the cinematic reality of a sign, devoid of time and meaning, like optimal marketing fed by narcissism? A flag for a doomed expectation, but festive in its self-oblivion.
And we go inside. I would even sit somewhere near the wall for a little while to spend time with myself. It’s peaceful. The being across – sewn up, propped up on branches, fastened with hemp, charming in its disability, reanimated with handy means, crushingly soft. Its synthetic glow is noble. Former trophy, present me. The psychological abyss of the child in me, hanging for years on a roller coaster in the amusement park of capitalism.
Whose is this kingdom?
But it is precisely this question in this exhibition that will not be answered. Because within a politics of imagination, potentiality and difference that we lead, all these oppositions dark-light, inside-out, cause-effect, will be broken down. Just because the world must be different. Also, the world is elsewhere, somewhere in the crevasse between anxiety and expectation … Suddenly, you even get a little funny because you understand that exactly this story – how we believed we knew the answer – is actually true.
Curated by Viktoria Draganova

Courtesy of the artist and Swimming Pool
Photocredit Yana Lozeva