Reality of Pixels
Pracownia Portretu / LODZ (Poland)
09.11.2019 – 10.12.2019

For some time, in our everyday life, apart from our physical reality we are accompanied by another reality – the one created by us, build from zero-one code and visualized by the pixels. The world of the digital images, which presents to us via the screens, in its structure is very similar to ours. In certain (probably unintended) way we created it in "the image and likeness" of ourselves. Pixels are like the smallest elements – cells⁄atoms, which ordered in a specic way create some tissue⁄substance – an image.
Until now, it was our consciousness that decided to create images, even the digital ones, which put us in the role of a creator. However, with the rapid development of AI (articial intelligence) technology, the computers are capable of generating pictures by themselves that are readable for us. For example – photographic portraits of people that don’t exist or become a sculptor and create a 3D model of our face from the reference photos.
At the exhibition You’ll be able to see such computer creations and with them I’ll try to visualize the earlier-mentioned structure.

Courtesy of the artist and Pracownia Portretu