Mchy i porosty: Black Beach in My Heart
Piktogram / WARSAW (Poland)
03.06.2017 – 08.07.2017

Black beach in my heart stands for sweet vacations – so tacky that they collect hair, wisps, garbage and small insects. A delightful place overgrown with palm trees hiding numerous acts of cruelty distinctive for various species of animals, plants, mushrooms, protists and bacteria.

A black beach relates to mosses, lichens and Brutaż. Among other attractions, it’s comprised of video clips, snake moves, strange death and VR.

The show will contain a series of video clips, stories, and objects connected with Bartosz Zaskórski’s project, the vinyl EP Mchy i Porosty, published by Brutaż. Similarly to his debut album published by Recognition and to his audio plays, Bartosz invited a group of visual artists to work along with him. The publication of the record became an occasion to challenge the typical way in which electronic music is performed: with respect to the medium, the club, the context of club culture and its typical audience.

Courtesy of the artists and Piktogram
Photocredit Bartosz Górka