LAMB (History always begins with you)
LambdaLambdaLambda/ PRISHTINA (Kosovo)
25.11.2021 — 25.12.2021

LAMB is a performance project that took place in Kosovo, from March 27th to April 3rd, 2021 (7days; 150km) in which Luka Cvetkovic carried and cared for a lamb from Jarinje (ethnically Serbian village in the North) to Kachanik (ethnically Albanian village in the South of Kosovo) where it continued living with an Albanian-Kosovar farmer. The performance was documented from the lamb’s perspective, as the main idea was to raise the question of a new subjectivity versus pre-existing narratives, concepts, and projections and thus bringing into discussion a new, unpoliticized, and uncorrupted view in order to gain an understanding of reality, or how reality is performed onto us, respectively. As part of the performance the journalist Vullnet Krasniqi joined the walk to write about it.

The exhibition LAMB (History always begins with you) consists of 3 layers. The exhibition in the physical gallery space, a digital experience (AR) within the physical gallery space and the screening of the whole film in Kino Armata. LAMB (History always begins with you), 2021, digital video, 180 min.

Courtesy of the artist and LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina
Photocredit Leart Rama