Stay in Shape
Studio Gallery, Palace of Culture and Science / WARSAW (Poland)
13.06.2017 – 09.07.2017

Sitting across our digital devices, we get rid of the need for physical contact with other people. Swiping the screens in order to keep track of notifications and updates, we are yet unable to delegate all our activities to technology. ‘Stay in Shape’ presents artists' projects in the form of interactive installations, works on paper, and performances regarding such issues as collective effort and recreation in the automated world.

For the duration of the exhibition Zuza Golińska puts her new installation to the audience's use. The artist analyzes an active leisure, discipline and the space of the adjacent Defilad Square in Warsaw. Golińska refers to defensive architecture of visible and hidden units, such as spikes or other forms which are seemingly decorative. The artist develops this subject through a series of performative walks titled "Walkout", realised in collaboration with the choreographer Iza Szostak.
"Seed" by Tymek Borowski is a generative application displayed in 4K resolution. It is designed to sensually stimulate its users by facilitating comfort in the workspaces or home interiors.
"Production Line" is a series of works that has been developed since 2016 by Agnieszka Kurant in collaboration with John Menick. Thanks to the application created by the artists, drawings are transferred to paper by the robotic arm. They are a result of several thousands of requests realised by anonymous workers of Amazon Mechanical Turk, who received about 15 times the hourly rate, compared to the regular payment of $1 per hour. AMT is a crowdsourcing on-demand agency that commissions simple tasks that cannot be executed by an artificial intelligence. Jeff Bezos, founder of AMT, calls his service an "artificial artificial intelligence" referring to the eighteenth-century chess player machine conceived by Wolfgang von Kempelen, with the hidden chessman controlling the play. Production Line reveals corporate strategies of using new forms of cheap global labor force.

Polen Performance duo was invited to perform a lecture about their action Deutschlandtransport that took place in the fall of 2016. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Polentransport by Joseph Beuys, Justina Los and Mikołaj Sobczak travelled in the wooden case from Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź to Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf. Artists dedicated the documentation of their work to the collection of the Düsseldorf museum.

Curated by Romuald Demidenko

Walk-out performance act by Zuza Golińska in collaboration with Iza Szostak and performers Karolina Bielawska, Mary Szydłowska, Natalia Atmańska, Andrzej Godziński, Ignacy Hryniewicz, Oskar Malinowski / Costumes by DOOM 3K
Lecture-performance by Polen Performance

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication titled ‘All the Time at Work’ encompassing texts by i.a. Sabrina Chou and Kym Ward.
In cooperation with Dorota Jarecka and Igor Sekuła
Partner BWA Gallery in Tarnów / Galeria Labirynt in Lublin

Courtesy of the artists and Galeria Studio
Photocredit Marcel Kaczmarek