Piotr Łakomy
SpazioA / PISTOIA (Italy)
31.10.2015 – 23.01.2016

The artist creates installations remaining in dialogue with architecture, that reacts to the present space, relating it to the scale of the human body. Using these proportions he creates a kind of “painterly landscape” in which human left traces of his presence. By bringing the anthropometric factor Łakomy allows the spectator to “set against” the object, both literally and metaphorically. A key role in his works is played by the used materials, their origin and physical properties. Equally important is the social context in which these materials are functioning in everyday life – the nature of the relationship they establish between humans and their surroundings, environment, earth and the sky. Arranging space Łakomy often operates with light and its sources. He uses and interprets it in different ways: as an energy carrier, information about space and architecture, as well as a testimony of time, expressed in the transience of the technology available to us.

Courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia Photocredit: Serge Domingie