Portable Landscapes
Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art / RIGA (Latvia)
27.04.2018 – 17.06.2018

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art opened an exhibition „Portable Landscapes”, dedicated to the centennial of the Republic of Latvia, at the Latvian National Museum of Art.
It follows yarns, which, through various corners of the world, take us to the stories of several creative, often relatively unknown Latvian émigré and exile personalities and informal groups, placing them in a broader context of art events, migration and globalization and revealing them as a polyphonic landscape.
"If we take a longer look back, people’s migrations caused by wars or political and economic change have taken place ceaselessly. Exile, diaspora and migration are characteristic elements of global culture and their manifestations have not only determined changes in the world’s map but also contributed to the basis for the development of various trends in art and culture, promoting the blending and overlapping of cultures and the birth of new ideas and movements,” believe the curators of the exhibition Solvita Krese, Inga Lāce, Diāna Popova, Antra Priede-Krievkalne, and Andra Silapētere. In addition to historical stories, which are revealed with the help of archives, works of art and artefacts, the exhibition has welcomed contemporary Latvian artists who live and work abroad, as well as artists who have addressed the theme of migration or, with their interpretations, are adding to some of the narratives developed in it.
Portable Landscapes explores Paris, New York, West Berlin, Gotland and Montreal as places relevant to the Latvian diaspora, tracing the individual routes of migration and developing a way of looking at the current situation, which, to a great extent, is based in historical events.

Courtesy of the artists and Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art
Photocredit Margarita Ogoļceva