Eternal Lunch
Griffin Art Space / WARSAW (Poland)
10.06.2017 – 02.07.2017

Doc figured if he missed the Gordita Beach exit he’d take the first one whose sign he could read and work his way back on surface streets. He knew that at Rosecrans the freeway began to dogleg east, and at some point, Hawthorne Boulevard or Artesia, he’d lose the fog, unless it was spreading tonight, and settled in regionwide. Maybe then it would stay this way for days, maybe he’d have to just keep driving, down past Long Beach, down through Orange County, and San Diego, and across a border where nobody could tell anymore in the fog who was Mexican, who was Anglo, who was anybody. Then again, he might run out of gas before that happened, and have to leave the caravan, and pull over on the shoulder, and wait. For whatever would happen. For a forgotten joint to materialize in his pocket. For the CHP* to come by and choose not to hassle him. For a restless blonde in a Stingray to stop and offer him a ride. For the fog to burn away, and for something else this time, somehow, to be there instead.
California Highway Patrol
Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice

The Eternal Lunch exhibition is an amalgam of abstract forms and fragments of reality that give rise to vague associations. Pawszak and Poniatowski’s focus is on the atmosphere rather than storytelling. Here the meaning is intangible, stretching between individual works. The artists invite viewers to treat the amassed objects as a starting point, as prime matter that has the potential to form anything and everything. The presented works bring to mind the monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey – an object intriguing to the extent it cannot be regarded as a work of chance, yet whose origin and purpose are never revealed to us. 
During this joint encounter, Pawszak and Poniatowski observe each other’s working methods. They embark on a quest to find meanings in seemingly irrelevant situations and juxtapositions. Though reality is merely looming in the distance, both artists approach it in an affirmative manner.

Courtesy of the artists, Griffin Art Space and Piktogram