Jiri Svestka Gallery / PRAHA (Czech Republic)
24.05.2017 – 29.07.2017

Jiri Svestka Gallery, which has been working in Berlin for the past seven years, is open for visitors in Prague again from May 24, 2017. The gallery with a Prague tradition dating back to the 1990's is now operated by the company Fine Arts of Central Europe. The new premises are located on Janackovo nabrezi, the riverside in the center of Prague. Gallery opens with the exhibition „Past-Present-Future“ presenting work of Georg Ettl, Ioana Nemes and Katarina Poliacikova.
The gallery launches an exhibition linking three artists: Georg Ettl, Ioana Nemes and Katarina Poliacikova. Each of three gallery rooms in the mezzanine of the Art Nouveau house, overlooking the Vltava River, features one of them.
Jiri Svestka Gallery has been cooperating with Georg Ettl, Ioana Nemes and Katarina Poliacikova in the long run. Now in the new exhibition spaces, their works are combined for the first time and providing each other with a surprising context. Thus, this first exhibition in the new location connects the gallery's tradition and it's newly emerging face. The exhibition has an open form. It will change during the next months by giving more space to other artists connected to the gallery. Therefore, it will be worth visiting the gallery more than once.

Ioana Nemes
The name of the current exhibition „Past-Present-Future“ is based on the work „Birdman (Positive & Negative Ring)“ by Romanian conceptual artist Ioana Nemes (1979-2011). The painting was originally part of the „Relicts of the Afterfuture (Brown)“ project. The works of Ioana Nemes refer to the pagan ceremonies that Romanian peasants kept for a long time alongside the Christian ones. The rural life was characterized by the faith in supernatural events and powers at that time. Ioana Nemes tried to capture this already vanished magical world. Though, the aim was not to conserve it, but to give it a new life and future. Ioana Nemes's objects and installations are mostly made of natural authentic materials.

Georg Ettl
The work of German artist Georg Ettl (1940-2014) doesn't easily fit in predefined art styles and movements. As a young man, he lived for more than ten years in the United States, where he got influenced by the dynamic American art environment of the late 60's and early 70's of the 20th century. He has collaborated with Donald Judd, Walter De Maria or Michael Heizer on the formation of the beginnings of minimalism and conceptualism. Ettl's statues from the early 1970's are characterized by the tension between physicality of object and intellectual abstraction. The artist used traditional techniques, the same as at the time innovative computer and laser technique. Perfectly crafted work reflects his rich philosophical knowledge and entirely individual thinking.

Katarina Poliacikova
Katarina Poliacikova, b. 1983, belongs to a very interesting and young post-Roman Ondak generation of Slovak artists. Her work is represented by two main directions. She reinvents, puts under question aura and originality of the art, deconstructing and newly interpreting it at same time. However simultaneously, she helps the viewer to feel empathy with a work of art by using her intimate personal memories. Both strategies intersect in the theme of remembrance as well as transience and possibility to manipulate memories. The work of Poliacikova includes a wide range of techniques: drawing, photography, video, sculpture.

Courtesy of Jiri Svestka Gallery