10.05.2017 – 07.06.2017, two, three animations - looped; and there is motion, fall, disappearance, splurge on them - with an endless repetition.
There is a roughly human-sized sculpture, relaxed comfortably between the videos;
with pert foot of his outstreched leg he holds a Laurel wreath while he points out the video of himself.
Flying ashes; trash can, graffiti, a broken pedestal.
“Method, History, Individual.
An occupation, at the bottom or on the top of the social ranks
determines a destiny (?)
therefore a predictable way of being for a person who fills it
and with strict peculiarity of privacy
Structures of a defined family
as in some cases
structures of an institution created by the motions of history
make it possible – in theory at least -
for him to be able to foresee
this stated way of his existence
This destiny (?)
which is (obviously?) going to be some sort of neurosis (for every child) growing up in a given environment”
arbitrary highlights from Method, History, Individual. Selection of J-P. Sarte philosophical writings. Gondolat, Budapest, 1976. 289-290.

Nimova Projeckt is a nominal co-op - it was born as a result of running away from responsibility with a usage of a fictional russian artist persona called miss Nimova for a venue. Since this symbolic act Romhány Vera, Vera Nimova and with the great techniqual support of Sanyi ASUS X555L they work together on various projects.
Nimova Projeckt since its founding (more than three years now) is focusing on different kind of manifestations of authoritarian personality especially to be able to undrstand this personality type more accurately -and represent how power, shame, or greed can deeply influence the self using variant techniques like video, 3D animation or sculptures.

Courtesy of HORIZONT
Fotocredit David Biro