13.09.2015 – 22.11.2015

I can not imagine anything which excludes a sense of mystery, I never consider nature to be natural. To me characters, objects and landscapes are always unnatural, which means hidden.
Pier Paolo Pasolini

ART HOUSE is glad to announce “Memorandum”, an exhibition with artworks by Giovanni De Lazzari, Willie Doherty and Pierpaolo Campanini.
“Memorandum” introduces the works of the three artists who operate through different mediums: Doherty with video-installations, Campanini with paintings and photoengravings and De Lazzari with drawings. The three of them share an accurate and sensible glance of the everyday and what can be considered “natural” in the research of secret places, ambiguous spaces and hidden memories.
There is no forced mystification in their approach, but it feels as if reality was permeated by a thin veil of mystery which is sometimes represented by complex constructions and sometimes inhabits familiar territories hosting the unnatural.
Looking at their artworks, we feel the traces left by the passage of a story which appears at first sight as normal and natural. We do not notice it on the process, but only a bit later when everything is tacit yet dense of memories. At times traces emerge as wounds, others as imaginary assemblies. These passages come to us through the artists’ gaze and the interventions they operate. The gaze is not innocent; it penetrates, granting the viewers the discovery of hidden beauties revealed through the language of art.
Willie Doherty is one of the most prominent artists of the contemporary British art scene. His works have been featured in prestigious solo and group exhibitions. He’s been nominated for the Turner Prize in 1994, took part in DOCUMENTA 13 in 2012, represented Great Britain at the São Paulo Biennial in 2002 and Ireland at the Venice Biennial in 1993.
Pierpaolo Campanini’s body of work consists mainly of paintings. His works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and around the world. He has held solo exhibitions at “kaufmann repetto”, Salon 94 in New York, Corvi-Mora in London, Blum and Po in Los Angeles, Francesca Kaufmann in Milan among others. Some of the group exhibitions he has taken part of are “La Figurazione Inevitabile” at Centro per Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci-Prato, “Visioni per un Inventario” at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa-Venezia, “Italics, Italian art between tradition and revolution 1968-2008”, at the Museum of Contemporary Art- Chicago and many more.
Giovanni De Lazzari’s work ranges from drawing to painting and sculpture. He has shown his works in solo exhibitions at Laveronica Gallery in Modica- Sicily, Spazio Zero in Bergamo and Galeria in Nova Gorica. His group exhibitions include “Sosia” Museo d’Arte Moderno e Contemporaneo-Trento, Premio Cairo -Milan, “Ogni Cosa a Suo Tempo” Palazzo della Misericordia-Bergamo, “Carpe Diem”-Lisbon.

The exhibition is the opening event of ART HOUSE; a project by Adrian and Melisa Paci who want to bring to their home town the contributions of international personalities of the arts and culture.

Courtesy of ART HOUSE