Eleven Blokk / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
08.05.2018 – 16.05.2018

After decades of critical analysis and years of our own striving to become images online, we should surely have a good understanding what flatness would mean today. But is this the case? What is flat, anyway?

In one sense, it means to be transparent, to be sly, invisible, to be backstage. It could also mean control as flat surfaces can be observed from an outside, and be arranged and analyzed. Are screens flat?

Our desire to be flat, blossoming from our youth and our early love for screens is at once aimed at self-arrangement and self-design. We are eager, uncommitted and efficient.

We are happy to announce that we are flat enough to talk about flatness. Is this some-thing we like?

A question about style: have we been working together, even before we started working together in the creation of this exhibition? Is there something that intrinsically pervades any artistic work from the very start of any project? Did we have something we all blend into, a net of references, perhaps, a common ground of interest in banality? Does flocking together like birds help our survival after all? (We could have returned to the long gone epoch of period styles in visual arts, without even noticing it.)

Yet our wish to arrange and to conquer fails again. The events we describe, the 3D prints we make, the mythologies we construct, they fail too.

Everything is remote from us all in a pagan universe. Yet objects lay so bare, so flat, exposed to our eyes. What once was the screen now has turned to dark water, opaque and object-like.

Courtesy of the artists and Eleven Blokk
Photocredit Szilvia Bolla