Well, well, believe it or not She covered every last inch of entire sidewalk
BARIL / CLUJ (Romania)
30.03.2018 – 19.05.2018

"I think of them as things. The idea of things is something really interesting. The word can have so many meanings. In french you keep hearing this quelques choses. Il faut que je te dise quelques choses. And it's funny 'cause it's a rather long arrangement of words so it must stand for something important. And you find this in every possible language. Things are really essential for shaping the world around because everything is a thing.

So these are the things I employ for passing the time. Well, the things of this year. And there are times when just the making of these things fills me with the greatest joy. These are the things of equally great and equally little worth. So maybe what I'm after is making these things matter just a little bit more, be less bored and more excited.

Like counting the trees along the highway, this making of something out of nothing pushes boredom a little bit further away, ‘cause we always know, in a strange kind of knowing – that boredom can return at any time.

It’s quite straightforward actually, it’s just me chasing this feeling. But hopefully this is the last time I’m doing this, from now on I’m gonna take things a bit more seriously, as the lyrics go:

Well, well, believe it or not/ She covered every last inch of entire sidewalk

And she stopped."

Natalia Lazurca

Courtesy of the artist and BARIL