10.12.2016 – 31.12.2016

Łukasz stands behind the scenes of a vaudeville theatre, juggling carefully selected media in the form of an old-fashioned musical. This time, he leads us down a narrow street off Broadway, where swarms of pedestrians contrast with each other in the glow of cheap boutiques and lamps above the back doors of theatres. This is the street of desires, greed and lust, constantly and feverishly chasing fulfillment, fetish, visions, imitations.
Born 1989, Łukasz Filak is a recent graduate of the National Film School in Łódź, where he is a current lecturer. He was awarded his diploma in Multimedia under professors Józef Robakowski and Wojciech Puś. Łukasz is a young artist who is beginning to formulate his own credo, characterised by a conceptual approach to the medium he works with. Photography becomes his input material (literally), and Łukasz handles it with special care, opting for noble, photosensitive techniques. Like a maze builder, he weaves his labyrinth of contexts, quotes and meanings. On its path we encounter objects, ready-mades, light installations, photographs and a films. Łukasz is against the excessive copying of images and replicating trends. He describes himself as “an iconoclast with a distancing sense of humor. In short: an enthusiast of the cynicism of good will”.

The exhibition is part of the project “I think I am something made up by others” curated by Piotr Drewko

Courtesy of the artist