the fridge / SOFIA (Bulgaria)
11.05.2017 – 22.05.2017

Whatever! Whatever! Whatever! How much is too much, when does Whatever transform from a response, necessary for sustaining one’s sanity in the face of everyday problems, into apathy?

The exhibition WHATEVEREST positions itself on the elusive border between private and public, searching for the fine balance between ignorance and action. It examines the symbol of the Bulgarian mountain both as a place of isolation and a trigger for political change.

Reflecting on the messy processes of individual growth and social transformations, the artist adopts a personal approach by showing keepsakes, records of hikes and archival photos of herself in the mountains. The temporal and spatial parameters of those experiences dissolve into repetition, defying a start and end point. Failure is embraced as a possibility for rethinking the importance of a goal and the movement towards it.

Courtesy of the artist
Photo credit Iva Kirova