It Has Never Been So Fluo
supermarketgallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
26.08.2015 – 30.10.2015

Being online has so many effects on us that it already feels banal to talk about it. We read our nearly personalized news sources what others in our close vicinity probably never come in contact with in their entire lives. We can be further away from each other while being close – and being far while closer - than ever before.
But it’s ok because we have common knowledge; in fact, we are all fluent in a language. It’s international. A language of lists, of websites, companies and products. And it’s ok’s calming that we are not so different after all...right? .
Forming and morphing our separate online identities, we end up with telling stories, tales of our own perceived reality to others, being optimistic that the receiving end share our channels of vision. .
“It Has Never Been So Fluo”, curated by Gergő Kovács, is a multimedia exhibition what looks into the aura of advertisements that form us. The participating artists utilize new media, 3d printing, internet sourced imagery and installations as a form of mediation - to express the (yet) intangible and hazy emotions, felt while living under the effects of social polarization and “world-culture”. Mimicking reality, paradoxical promises.

Curated by Gergő Kovács

Courtesy of the Artists and supermarketgallery