Universal Thoughts: Key, Vase, Ashtray, Step, Shelf, Book, Wall.
New Jörg / VIENNA (Austria)
14.04.2017 – 28.04.2017

New Jörg is pleased to present the solo show of Austrian photographer Georg Petermichl. The title „universal thoughts: key, vase, ashtray, step, shelf, book, wall.“ contains the list of objects that comprise this exhibition:

On the outside of the building, above the entrance rests a neon-sign in shape of Petermichl’s key to his Viennese studio 2012-2014. The main wall of the exhibition space is coated with reflective glass pearls – The Austrian glass manufacturer Swarovski developed this material for visibility of road markings at night. The exhibition concept evolves around two series of ceramics that carry imprints of different sets of keys: A series of 7 ceramic ashtrays spread out across the gallery and a series of vases, which are not on display but represented through museum-specific product photographs. Petermichl designed a flight of steps, which is comprised of reproductions of Donald Judd bookshelves, and connects the first exhibition room with the bar room of New Jörg. In the latter, Petermichl reconstructed a segment of Donald Judd’s private library in Marfa, Texas – the segment dealing with scientific knowledge about the Universe.

The artist’s statement in German suggests that the art pieces are linked on two different philosophical levels: In a metaphorical sense, objects like key, vase, staircase and wall appear in phrases, figures of speech or word plays about knowledge, success and access.

Looking at the level of conventionality, all of the objects investigate on the relation between implement and artwork – The one end of the spectrum of conventionality is defined by Petermichl’s appropriation of antique vases – symbols of objects that have lost their value of daily use ages ago and are now implemented for formal aspects in museum collections. The other end of the spectrum is marked by the replicas of Donald Judd’s book shelves, which were originally conceived as art pieces, and now regain utility in the function of a stair case.

Courtesy of the artist
Photocredit Peter Mochi