Paroxysm of Union
Kunsthalle Freeport / ATHENS (Greece)
09.04.2017 – 22.04.2017

Movement beyond the shelter of a false objectivism toward a flesh war.
The widespread circulation of its meaning will offer a curious spectacle.
The precept of morality, the wild desert and its perennial burn, involves the primacy of nature’s gestures contained within materiality.
On the other hand, immateriality is how we drown, each heartbeat a system detecting a presence behind the surface.
We are in no way qualified to assess the worth of the sky, express the position you occupy, or stroke the jungle as a way to silence love.
Forget Europe. Forget divorce. All that is rational is not real.
Repetition is a function both of synthesis and integration.
Individual and collective life break down a unitary landscape, the manifestation of a progressive self-consciousness.
When the union of the first and second person presents itself as possible, we might call this our chance to invent.
Resist the slavery of a manicure.
The latter concerns desire.

Sarah Wang

Curated by Kunsthalle Freeport Courtesy and Photocredit Kunsthalle Freeport