Friend of a Friend
Foksal Gallery Foundation / WARSAW (Poland)
07.04.2018 – 28.04.2018

Friend of a Friend

Foksal Gallery Foundation hosting Chertlüdde, Berlin and Jan Kaps, Cologne

ChertLüdde: Kasia Fudakowski, Petrit Halilaj
Jan Kaps: Jean-Marie Appriou, Emanuel Rossetti
Fundacja Galerii Foksal: Paweł Althamer, Monika Sosnowska

“Friend of a Friend” (April 7-28, 2018) project sees eight important and thriving Warsaw contemporary art galleries (BWA Warszawa, Foksal Gallery Foundation, LETO, Piktogram, Dawid Radziszewski, Raster, Stereo, Wschód) sharing their exhibition spaces with international guests. A dialogue with galleries from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, United States, Switzerland and Great Britain lies at the foundation of group shows featuring Polish and international artists.
The idea of “FOAF” refers to London’s “Condo” initiative held since 2016. Based on the principle of friendly collaboration (and not competition, often associated with the art market), the event not only succeeds in establishing an innovative platform to present contemporary art, but also an exchange model that provides an alternative to art fairs.

Courtesy Foksal Gallery Foundation hosts ChertLüdde (Berlin), Jan Kaps (Cologne)