In a world without facts only goodness remains
Trafo Gallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
05.04.2019 – 19.05.2019

In his artistic practice based on alternative strategies of storytelling, the Bratislava based artist András Cséfalvay seeks new perspectives on the functioning of knowledge and language, as well as on the effects of science on our interpretation of reality. In his video works, he borrows voice to a variety of living and non-human entities; historical figures, objects, dinosaurs, or even an ambassador from a distant planet. His latest video works on display at Trafo Gallery introduce different religious, superstitious and scientific worldviews or contradictory approaches in the field of science. Cséfalvay loosely shifts perspective between the different paradigms in order to light on the most effective tool in a given situation that enables us to understand the present or to imagine our future.

Courtesy of the artist and Trafo Gallery, Budapest
Photocredit Miklós Surányi