Familiar feeling
Rodriguez Gallery / POZNAN (Poland)
18.06.2020 – 03.07.2020

The inconsistencies that occur when researchers trying to define norm rules could be compared to the fluctuation between the liar's paradox and the illusion of truth. Its primary task boil down to paradoxical standardization and the imposition of particular ideals, which explains the large number of contradictions within this concept. Paying attention to the importance of cultural norms allow to recognize some of them. The normative absurd are contained in the form of linguistic constructions that cease to have any value for us, gestures turn into insignificant automatic reflexes, objects that completely indifferent to us, or preposterous human aspirations prove the authoritarian meaning of the norm. On the Familiar feeling exhibition the author present objects which display visualizations of selected representations of normative behavior. The model way of showing art was used to expose artworks which content refer to model thinking through the prism of the cultural norms accompanying us.

Courtesy of the artist and Rodriguez Gallery