And Then I Found Some Meteorites in my Room
bazament / TIRANA (Albania)
07.03.2018 – 05.04.2018

Bazament is pleased to announce the inauguration of its space with a site specific project of the Albanian artist Driant Zeneli, “And then I found some meteorites in my room”.

"excerpt from the artist diary" January 2018
“Why are you interested in the space?” Flora asked me.
“I am curious of those who observe it. I would like to know what is there, in the space between the 158cm of Bujar’s height at Metalurgjik, and the maximum distance of the International Space Station (ISS), located 400 km far from the terrestrial surface…”

“What is the ISS?”
“The International Space Station functions as a laboratory where experiments are made in condition of microgravity in the law terrestrial orbit. Dedicated to scientific research and managed as a joint project between five different space stations: NASA (USA), RKA (RUSSIA), ESA (Europe), JAXA (Japan), CSA-ASC ISS (Canada), the International Space Station, departed in 1998 and it will return in 2028…
And then, Bujar asked me with a low voice:
“So what it the sense of all this?”

“The idea is to create a space in which the work can share with the public a physical as well as a mental dimension. The interview about your perception of space that you gave to Fatmira Nikolli at Metalurgjik, will resonate with the transmission of the streamed images from the International Space Station (ISS), 400 km away from the earth surface. Everything will then be catalyzed by the sounds mixed by Flora (DJ Sulejmani), your daughter, during the opening of the exhibition. This way, the public will not only participate, but it will be an integral part of the artwork, as we all are part of the solar system”.

At the core of Zeneli’s research is the redefinition of the idea of failure, utopia and dream as the elements that open possible alternatives. His work often explores the relationship of Man and Space as a utopian dreamy endeavor.
Film is used by Zeneli to sculpt place and time. To play with architecture, history and the several stories that can be attached to them, is for his filmic works a constant necessity. Performance is used by Zeneli as a participative intervention, where the artist activates a meaning that is worked bottom-up with other spectators that become participants.

Courtesy of the artist and bazament