The anchor of my own landscape
LambdaLambdaLambda / PRISHTINA (Kosovo)
10.02.2018 – 07.04.2018

Questions about how we construct our own reality, how it affects our routine, emotional state and how the former reflects on our behaviour constitute the subject of Dardan Zhegrova’s latest works. And further, what separates reality from dreams, daydreaming, fantasy, illusions and thoughts? How could a proposition exploring this question look like?
By documenting our everyday reality we somehow alter it, change it and eventually manipulate its perception by the way we document it. Hence nothing is how it’s portrayed or what it seems, nothing is fixed and definitive, leaving our perception in a constant uncertain state about the truth. In this line of thought Zhegrova imagines every memory of an event as double layered- one the one hand the factual one and on the other hand the constructed one. By transferring digital drawings of himself and his surroundings on different media as fabric and glass and by creating multi-layered objects thereof, he is simultaneously highlighting as well as dissecting the “whole” picture of his own landscape.

Courtesy of the artist and LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina
Photocredit Majlinda Hoxha