Second Shower
Rodríguez Gallery / POZNAN (Poland)
02.02.2018 – 08.03.2018

The exhibition Second Shower invites the viewer to reflect about the idea of the art exhibition itself, the mechanisms of construction of an artwork’s meaning and the gallery´s role in this context.
Why are we invited to a Second Shower? Do premieres have any value to the viewer, do they help him build status or prestige?
What does it mean to take a second shower (literally) in regard to art? Is it possible to draw a line between what is an excess, an extravagance and the real necessity of comfort?
Or should this shower be understood as a dash of cold water, where setting the value of an artwork, both symbolic and material, reveals to be ambiguous and uncertain?

I appreciate not being there It’s a bath time, so I go under the curtain
washing all the strokes

Press anything, it will insist
eyes washed and wash-proof lenses

Super-clear windows polished and ironed till the perfect thickness of

Dust on nose hairs they count, you don’t pay enough
for bad food
stubborn hole in teeth and a shoe You could care less
or small, I guess. Mental habit insane soap

I wish I had an appetite.
For second and more

A friend of mine always takes it twice
one for sunrise, one for sunset till now nobody was invited for the public
peel off.

People undress
in distinguished order leaving the black stripes on the white wall
You know, that makes no sense. That is all
I am painting in reverse

Estimation theory is better in practice picking up clear pieces of skin
as proof copy signed

The flag from shower curtain
is printed in coins and holes in it. Somebody was there before me Crowds increase
excess/access inclusive
as a collection exclusive
as a group

First choice take them all Second contact imprinted
pure security oral silencio
gesture by hand in motion

This is what is called anarchic adolescent master of bathing problem:
effortless renovation


Courtesy of the artist and Rodríguez Gallery