27.01.2018 – 04.03.2018

The window is only a source of light, not a frame for a view. No segmentation. Contamination of the economic, political and personal is being projected into a box, held in a hand, being swiped by a finger, occasionally leaving fingerprint smudges. Standing with other people in a longitudinal space. Drivers pass by and slow down. Glancing at others through their screens. The eye is turned towards the interior. You see muted colours and a subtle play of light on the wall. For the avid artist, all you need is a low stand or plynth, a cart for supplies, and a place to display your work.
Inviting three Brussels-based artists into the project space The Stable in Waregem, West Flanders, raised certain questions concerning potential thematics and modes of working, transferring studio experience into a different space, emphasising material aspects and limitations, and questioning one’s most frequently used medium. Although works have not arisen in private space, and are not assigned to respond to particular topics, some themes layered throughout our conversations have found a spatial situation. The moment of transfering works to a project space was preceded by a series of studio visits shortly before the installation.
The installation was built up within the space, according to plan, within a couple of hours. The works were transported in a van reaching The Stable, 60 kms from Brussels. Artists travelling by train arrived at this very moment and began to unload packages and larger units. Four plinths, one table and several bags, paintings, works made of cement, acrylic, ready-mades and other elements were moved to the backroom of the space. Unpacking them throughout the space and mounting some of them upon walls took three and a half hours. Afterwards, the team of artists, the curator and the host took a stroll through the city, printed the text and the floor plan, and got a bite to eat. Home Works, like many other shows, runs for more or less four weeks from it's opening. The artists, the curator and the host will be largely absent during this period. The host of the The Stable, an artist himself, will pass through the show on his way into his studio situated behind the exhibition space. Even so, the exhibition can still be seen due to the single-glazed facade of the gallery. The often misty vitrined entryway enables viewers to peer at the objects and ready-made-like works arranged throughout this former furniture display and carpentry workshop.

Curated by Romuald Demidenko

Courtesy of the artists and THE STABLE