Orange Juice Symphony
Sál Martinů HAMU / PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

Can you hear it? Small bubbles burst at the orange juice surface... Tiny foamy bubbles. 
He looked up through a big window to see the blue sky. She was there, perfect as never before. Sound of the bubbles bursting filled the hall and he felt how his knees were betraying him again. As he laid on the floor, orange juice started coming out of the white cups, slowly dripping onto the piano keys. He did not understand his sudden weakness but at the same time he was amazed by the beautiful sounds coming to his ears. With his eyes closed, thoroughly listening, he fell asleep. Blue sky outside the windows turned to green and then back again. Time slowed down if it did not stop completely. Sound of wind blowing through palm trees, silence of a desert island... Orange juice symphony

Curated by Petr Krátký

All images copyright and courtesy of the artist