In Middens
Meadow Guesses / VILNIUS (Lithuania)
12.01.2017 – 28.01.2017

“The static journey within the exhibition offers a possibility to stumble upon the materiality and plasticity of information, upon the microscopicity of the gigantic invisibility, the spacial tele-presence, the cohesion of places and vacuity, the reanimated myths, the matter. The illustrative nature of this show is the dominating element, emerging as its condition, circumstance, its structure of meaning whereas the installation encircles as multi-faceted myth of Prometheus, updated by means of various objects and medias.”

...The reasoning of light is important throughout. The charm of vital attraction is embedded in the scream of photons rushing from the monitors. Its uncompromised goal is to be followed blindfoldly. The guiding star in the horoscope is long gone, only fibres of its light remain evident. The widest spectrum – from nanometer to megawatt – to fit oneself into as well as one’s being. Wandering between the green and the yellow inscribe the data flow into the retina sooner than in a blink of an eye. From the dark side of the Moon to Ridley Scott, from google street theft and planned software to heterotopia. From random encounters to bargains in Morocco meteorite market, from binomial adjective to robotized drawing, from Prometheus’ light to Arduino microcontroller. From myth to method.

Organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association

Courtesy of the artist
Photocredit: Laurynas Skeisgiela