Triple Feature # 5
Tirana Art Lab / TIRANA (Albania)
03.12.2016 – 28.01.2017

Double Feature is an exhibition format introduced by Tirana Art Lab with the aim of systematically displaying in our premises, two artistic positions to the Albanian, the regional and international audience. Triple Feature # 5 is a special edition of this format, where we exhibit together the works of Albanian art collective Çeta, Greek artist and researcher Georgia Kotretsos and Albanian artist Pleurad Xhafa.
Triple Feature # 5 presentation, is part of “Heroes We Love” collaboration and multidisciplinary project on the controversial topic of socialist heritage of the 20th century European art. The show will consist of works exhibited for the first time at Tirana Art Lab as well as two artistic interventions in the public space by Çeta and Georgia Kotretsos, commissioned by Tirana Art Lab. Tirana Art Lab wants to engage contemporary artists of younger generation into the project through the art intervention on the selected socialist era monuments. The interventions aim to stimulate public debate, initiate new interpretations and envisage the potentials of those art works of the past.
Triple Feature #5 is dedicated to the intersection between art and activism, art activism and the extended role of the artist as an engaged citizen, rying to make a change not only inside the art system but also outside it, in the real live. This exhibition aims at visualising and connecting these three divers aesthetical approaches: Çeta art collective bringing together artists and non artists individuals, make consciously use of visual materials as political action, by intervening and acting on major national political and social issues through graffiti and other visual interventions in the public space; Georgia Kotretsos artist, researcher, writer, and activist embodies an example of the “multifunctional” contemporary artist, hopping from one role and engagement to the next, while maintaining clear boundary between them; Pleurad Xhafa’s critically engaged and investigative conceptual practice results from his personal and physical involvement with social conditions and situation, resulting in works aiming at impacting both the social and the artistic realm. Although the ways they work and apply their views may be different, all the tree artistic positions have in commune an artistic practice located and well balanced between art, social engagement and activism. Nevertheless with this exhibition, we want to stress the relevance of the showcased works not only from the ethical and social impact but if anything their function as an autonomous work of art inside the aesthetical system.

Courtesy of the artists