Melting Point
Horizont Gallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
23.11.2016 – 04.01.2017

Though the parallel series (Die Cut Drawings and Polychromes) of Gábor Kristóf are not paintings, they do thematize and deconstruct core elements of painting. Colour (colore) and (line) drawing (disegno) – Rodchenko evoked these complementary items of painting, dissecting and “exceeding” the very elements of his craft. Kristóf does not take the sides in the dispute of “colour” and “line”, he rather juxtaposes and de(con)structs both. He places them on the shorelines of visual arts in the era when painting is “placed beside itself”. In this situation – both literally and figuratively _ does Gábor Kristóf investigate the hard edges and plastic borders, and theoretic systems, melting points of painting. He sheds light on the true polychrome character of the monochrome mass of image-floods and its inherent intellectual and pictorial potential.

Dávid Fehér: Polichrome Monochromy – About the new works of Gábor Kristóf (excerpt)

Courtesy of the artist and Horizont Gallery, Budapest