Jack and the Paradise Cruise
Horizont Gallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
05.10.2016 – 16.11.2016

My solo exhibition Jack and the Paradise Cruise brings together a series of new self portraits. All the drawings and collages were made during a recent stay at Casa Lina. Casa Lina is a holiday house of a friend of mine. It is located on the top of a mountain in Arenas, Andalusia. Over the past years numerous colleague artists and friends have stayed and worked there. All one does while staying at Casa Lina is swim, draw, eat, drink and sleep. The only reason to leave the house and go down the mountain is to buy more food and drink. Jack and the Paradise Cruise documents my Spanish Paradise Cruise.
Nel Aerts

Courtesy of the artist and Horizont Gallery

Fotocredit Dávid Biró