YGRG 150: Le Musée Menteur
Editorial SODU 4 / VILNIUS (Lithuania)
09.11.2017 – 24.11.2017

Pompeii was discovered and with it was the museum, the circus, the antiquarian shop, the souvenir, and tourism, and so with them, the closet, the private box, the secret cabinet, the dark room, and the peephole. Young-girl lives on the edges of this Secret Museum, a series of architectural gestures, of topo-political techniques for regulating vision, pleasure and power.
Architecture is archival. Sexuality is a secret archive. The archive is a sexual architecture (after Paul B. Preciado).

Exhibition and performance organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (project space „Sodų 4“) and “Editorial” project space, with kind support of Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, bar “Dėvėti”, BCC: Season for Learning, and with special thanks to Saari Residency, Kone Foundation and Rupert.

Courtesy of the artists
Photocredit Arnas Anskaitis and Ugnius Gelguda