Average Deviation
aqb Project Space / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
27.01.2019 – 17.03.2019

β€žAn immense labor to which the West has submitted generations in order to produce - while other forms of work ensured the accumulation of capital - men subjection: their constitution as subjects in both senses of the word.”
Michel Foucault: The History of Sexuality, Volume I.

The current exhibition aims to make the spectator observe and be observed at the same time. While we watch others, we are being watched, too. The desire of observing one another, of having insight into the lives of others posits a system of norms based on which we define ourselves compared to others. We want to confirm that we have similar problems as others, that we are better than or just as good as they are. In other words, that we only differ from the average on an average scale.
The exhibition can be divided into smaller units: from a different aspect in each space, works explore how we can describe our body in the most objective manner possible, to represent it without any intimacy whatsoever. Looking at these so-called anti-intimate states, the exhibition examines all the subtle and complex relationships our physical extension forms with our environment, and how social expectations shape our appearance. Personal stories and critical observations regarding the body are represented at the exhibition along with abstract objects and intertwined sculptural bodies.

Curated by Peter Bencze

Courtesy of the artist and aqb Project Space, Budapest
Photocredit Aron Weber