With Global Warming Against Cold War
Trafó Gallery / BUDAPEST (Hungary)
28.09.2017 – 05.11.2017

The art of Péter Szarka (1964) is most widely known for his 3d rendered c-prints, which he produced in the 2000s, and which depicted dream-like figurative visions. When a completely new generation started to use 3d rendered images a decade later, Szarka’s interest already departed from the clean digital visuality and was heading towards a more hybrid language, which was inspired by trash aesthetics and generally was more painterly, incorporating more gestures and material-experiments as before.
Among the new works commissioned for the space of Trafó Gallery we find abstract modelling tables, sound installations and manipulated found objects – all with a revelatory freshness. The previous 3d print series of Szarka was entitled „With Cold War Against Global Warming”, which is twisted out on the occasion of his Trafó show, in relation with the present line of global politics.

Courtesy of the artist and Trafó Gallery
Photocredit Miklós Surányi