Episode One: Bunny’s Departure
Colloredo - Manfeld Palace, Prague City Gallery / PRAGUE (Czech Republic)
21.11.2018 – 20.01.2019

After originally making videos and studying photography, Marie Tučková has turned to write texts and crocheting. She designed and created props–three anonymous masks and a shelter for her story about Bunny. The Bunny of her story is neither human nor animal, but a fictional being whose gender is unimportant. The text is poetic in form, cleverly encoded in English as a universal linguistic code possessing the potential for an emotional and at the same time impersonal tone. Tučková works with her emotions and the associated memories, and inserts spoken and sung audio-installations into the text as well. The primary material that she works with is a melodic polyphonic text that is slowly transformed into a song with its own rhythm. The character of Bunny is based on two real-life models: the artist herself and her brother. In the text, Bunny, who is present from the very first moment, is hiding in his shelter from the world. He does not yearn for human touch. The boundaries between his body and the world become blurred. Bunnysuccumbs to nostalgia leaves his body, watches it from the outside, and laughs at it. He rejects a mirror as something unimportant. The two-way nature of situations and roles, the duality of perception and possible answers, putting oneself into another person’s shoes–these are the subjects of Marie Tučková’s Episode One: Bunny’s Departure.

Curated by Sandra Baborovská

Courtesy of the artist